Jul 23, 2007

Summer Fun

Nana came to Washington to visit, and to spend time with Grandma Great. Ellie loved the extra attention she recieved from her Nana. It was really nice to have my mom here, she was so helpful!! My kids still pray that the airplane will bring Nana back to our house. It is so sad to tell them that she lives in Utah.

Jensen buddy big boy. He really enjoys getting himself dressed in the morning. I am greeted each day by him coming in my room with his choice of outfit on, and yelling "suprise." He pats his clothes and then nodes his head in approval of himself. I of course love his new hobby and give him lots of praise. Just as a side note, Jensen has been dressing himslef without help for quite some time, but never by choice.

Elvis loves the swings!! She is constantly asking for an "under Dagh." I really don't hold back when I give her an underdog. She holds on tight and screams with joy every time.

Jul 16, 2007

Collar Bone

This is little J's collar bone brace. Some how he managed to roll of the bed in the night, and broke his collar bone. It was quite the sad ordeal, but he did receive a lot of sympathy from lots of people.

Jul 15, 2007

Kanaskit Campout

My Little Robin Hood

It's not a campout without lots of sillyness

Elvis's Partner in Crime- Karissa

Don't Worry, She didn't fall in.

Camping in Kanaskit was a BLAST!!

The kids were busy playing in the water, riding bikes, shooting arrows, and playing in the dirt. This year the family put on the play "Robin Hood." Naturally, John was "little John." He did a really good job and got lots of laughs. Personally, I liked his green tights!! I was "Clucky," the most insignifcant role in the play!!!

Jensen slept in Levi's tent, it was his first "sleep over." Even when Levi was sleeping in the bunk house, Jensen was fast asleep in the Kovacs tent.

Each year we have a talents show. This year Jensen sang the 50 states song. I was so proud of him because he has never done anything infront of a crowd before. We have been rehearsing this song for a whole year. He did such a good job! We had fun, but we are happy to be home.