Sep 20, 2007

AFIN Charity Auction

AFIN Auction- This is me and Rebecca with John Curley. He did such a good job! We wouldn't have made nearly as much money without him!! We raised $35,000 for my friend who has cancer for the fifth time. She is also a loving mother to four kids. Her oldest son has autism, and her daughter has cerebral palsy. Her husband was recently diagnosed with MS. They have been fine for years, but the medical bills just keep adding up! AFIN to the rescue.....
This is Colleen, my dear Colleen. She has a heart of gold, and it was a joy to help her out. She is such a fighter (of cancer), and I am glad she is in my life!!
My sis Nat's flew out to help out! I was so happy that someone from my family was able to be there. My brother in law Ken was also there, it was so fun to see them both!!
This is the wonderful AFIN commitee! I love all of these women for their hard work and dedication! I am so lucky to have such wonderful sister in my ward! We had a lot of fun doing this auction- and we are all ready for a LONG rest!
Just thought I would throw this pic in here, because there are not a lot of pic's of us together, and we spent many late nights going over every detail of this auction. If you want to read her description of the auction just click on her page.

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