Sep 13, 2007

Jensen's 4th Spidey Party

Jensen's Invitation to his 4th Birthday. My friend Rebecca is a photoshoper- so I enlist her talents often!
This year Jensen's Birthday party was at the YMCA. It worked out perfectly because there were no house preparations, and no clean-up. The kids had so much fun running wild in the gymnastics room. He had a spiderman party, and received many spiderman gifts. He got a new bike and scooter, both spiderman of course. His love for spiderman is adorable. His dad is slowly convincing him to love transformers, because that way he can justify buying all of them.
The highlight of the party for me was when we got out the big parachute. Jensen sat in the middle, and everyone held onto the edges, ran around him, and sang happy birthday. He had the biggest smile on his face. I could tell at that point that it was a great birthday! I am sad that he turned four, he is growing up too fast!
One thing he really wanted for his party was a "Piyata". We decided to try the pull string one. Everyone got to pull a string hoping to pull the string that opened the trap door to all the candy. It just so happened that Jensen's second turn is the one that opened the trap door. We still have a perfectly good pinata we can destroy with a bat later.

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