Sep 12, 2007

Scenic Beach Campout 2007

Where's ALICE? Ellie has to keep tabs on Alice, my friend Rebecca's little girl. If I could have a third daughter, I would take Alice in a heart beat. Although she looks a little scared to be next to me in this pic, we are buddies.

Kido's taking their lanterns on an adventure! My kids LOVE these laterns- we finally bought more laterns than we have children. We went camping with some friends from our ward, and some Gem Heights ward friends. We went to scenic beach, which is exactally that. It was beautiful!! We had fun, and celebrated Jensen's birthday there too. I realize I only have footage and no still shots.
Snuggle in the Tent. Most of the novelty of camping was spending time in the tent. Jensen kept asking me, "mom, can we just play in the tent?" I think he spent a lot of his camping time in the tent.

This is "Ruby Doo," she was having a rough minute because she got an owie on her foot. The entire shore was covered with razor sharp barnicles. Every child at the beach that day had a band-aid somewhere on their body. I cut both of my baby toes, and I as walking carefully. All the children learned that barnicles are not our friends!

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