Oct 30, 2007

AaaaRRR Matey! Pirate Party

Last weekend was the families biggest party of the year (besides Christmas). It has been a year in the making, and it was an AWESOME party!! The entire house was piratized, with jargon on the walls and the entire basement covered in all things pirate. There is so much to say.. where do I begin?? We ate dinner, then clearned the floors for the festivites. The initial games were digging for treasure, decorating cupcakes, and a dice game. After that, the kids bobbed for apples, and tried to eat a donut tied to a string. Then, there was a gypsy dance followed by the Triller. The kids also played a game involving brooms and balls- wasn't in the room for that one. Then Captain Jack Sparrow came (John) and there was a battle ship war. The kids who ended up with the most cannon balls in their ship had to walk the plank. Of course they all wanted to walk the plank, so that went over well. After being sent to the brigg, John then taught them how to talk like a pirate. This included saying "booty" after every other word tbeing taught. The final game was the treasure hunt. The teams were according to age (good thinking Anne), then they went all throughout the house and back yard collecting their clues. The final room was a fancy room filled with treasure (candy). There was also a booth set up for fortune telling. It was cute to hear what Shila came up with! The party was on uncle Chris's birthday so we sang to him and Shanna for the October birthdays. John's mom spent hours and hours planning this party- and I have to say it was best Halloween party I have attended to date. I don't know what she is going to do next year to out do this one!


Sarah said...

That looks like an amazing party! And I love your family of pirates, you guys look great!

Coatney, Party of Four. Your table is ready. said...

I love your little pirate family picture! You guys look so great. i want a pirate party!

Jim Hutchings said...

Rooster hasn't grown any more hair since I left?