Oct 24, 2007

Crazy Slide Park

"WHEEE" Last week we went to a park that had six slides- it was an all slide park. Highly entertinaing! This slide was really steep, the kids wanted to go down together. When Jensen went down by himself I could tell that he was little uncertain about it, but he put on a brave face.
Time for a delicious treat. Elvis and Gavin shared a chocolate bar- mmm tasty!

Almost there. I can't believe we had such a nice day, it has been so gloomy here!
Meet "Big one"- this is Ellie's favorite doll. She named it "Big one," because it is the largest doll that she has. If you look closely you can see the mascara on her face. Yes, somehow my daughter got ahold of my mascara and put it on her doll. The other day she asked me where baby's car seat was. We had one of the doll car seats, but I'm pretty sure daddy tossed it. Sorry sis! I conviently forget "big one" when I am in a hurry because Ellie is so thorough with her safety.

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piercefam said...

Meem...where is that park, it looks great. I love the "big one" stuff...that is the great thing about blogs. I even learn new stuff about you!