Oct 13, 2007

Grandma Great's B-day Party

This is "Grandma Great" my nephew nick-named her that when he was little. She is great, and we love her!! We got together for her 82nd birthday this past weekend. All of my mom's siblings were there except her brother Loren. It is nice having some of my side of the family close by.
Photographer in training! My uncle Brian has a fancy smancy camera, and Jensen was facinated! He was really sweet to let me snap a bunch of pictures. I think he mostly took pictures of knees... sorry Brian.
Martha Stewart, I mean my Aunt Lani is the cake maker! This cake was delicious! I don't know what is in that chocolate sauce, but it was ADDICTIVE. My cousin Shayla is a doll!
Ellie was really into her "aunt Lani"! When we left her house to go to the restaurant she started to cry for Lani, and was insisting on saying good-bye. My kids LOVE their house. Somehow she manages to find toys that no one else on the planet has. They have a huge rope swing in their backyard, that is always a treat. I can remember flying off of their roof myself when I was younger.
My little recording artist. The basement of their house is where my uncle practices with his band. They have a ton of instruments, and it was pretty much Christmas for my children. Jensen loved the microphone and keyboard. He sang an African Song that John taught him. It is a song that is requested often by both of my children. Ellie also had her turn, but mostly sang twinkle twinkle. I enjoyed all of the instrument playing, but the drums were my FAVORITE!

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