Oct 24, 2007

Katie's Blessing Day

Baby Katie's blessing was last sunday. She was blessed by her daddy in their home. She is the most adorable baby, with beautiful red hair. You can't tell how red it is because she has a pink blanket behind her, but her hair is RED!
Ellie aka mommy number 2 loves baby Katie. She is slowing learning the difference between real and pretend babies. We have so many babies around now days, I feel like I am starting over with child proofing techniques. Instead of small objects, and toilet cleaners, I have to hover and keep her away from people ages 0-12 months. Today I had to pry a trash can away from her because she insisted it was her babie's cradle.
The Coatneys- Cutest family ever!! Jaime is such a neat person and an awesome mom. Gavin looks so sweet in this picture.
At the blessing Ellie and one of her friends Sydney were hugging. I don't know why, but something about toddlers embracing is so fun to capture.

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Suz, Nathan & Kye said...

OOOOOhhhhh.... I miss that little Elvis so so much! She gets cuter every day! Tell your friend that she is very lucky to have a little red hair baby. The only thing better is little red hair twins!