Oct 14, 2007


Saturday we went to the Maris Farms pumkin patch. We went with five other families in our ward. The kids loved the "moo train". Maris had so many fun activites! They had toy tractors to ride, jump houses, a barn full of animals, and many other wonderful activites for little ones. My kids LOVE going to the pumpkin patch. Last year, Ellie called everything "pumpkin" after the halloween season.

The first stop we made was at a water pumping station. They had little rubber duckies for racing, but the water was mainly in the middle pump, so the racing didn't quite work out.

Corn Mania- Two tons of corn were dumped into a room barricaded by bails of hay. It was surprisingly fun to dig around in the corn. I jumped in with my kids and started digging away for buried treasure. Five minutes into the dig, I realize that my wedding band was GONE! The corn was quite deep, so chances of finding it were slim. We started digging around in the area that I had been digging, but no luck. The employees assured me that at the end of the season they would dump it all out and find the ring. Apparently someone did the same thing last year. A young girl who was digging next to me pulled the ring out of the corn, and said: "is this it?" Almost questioning if she found the correct diamond ring lost in 2 tons of corn. I gave her a huge hug!! I was so happy that she found it. If you are ever digging in a corn pit... make sure to take off your rings!!
This face says exactly how he feels about tractors!! We also took a hay ride around the pumpkin patch. Jensen was fascinated with the huge wheels.
I don't quite know what this face says, but he loved riding the "hoesees". Ellie is at a really fun age where she pronounces most things perfectly, except her F's. John and I are constantly asking her to say things that have an f. She is a really good sport, and will repeat whatever we ask. My personal favorite is asking her to say "Fancy Feast". She promptly responds "sansy seast". She says it with a little bit of a lisp, which makes my heart happy every time!
Pumpkins for miles! Jensen ran from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to lift one from the stem. He was determined to find one he could lift. Unfortunately the Jensen sized Pumpkins were long gone. He settled for a pumpkin that mommy helped him lift. We are going to a patch next week with his class, so we can get one then. On the way home Jensen was very vocal about his plans for carving his pumpkin. Little did he know that bed time was first on the agenda. Our bed time stories were all about carving pumpkins the following day.


piercefam said...

Send me the pics mama! Love the ones you posted. I think after reading your bit about the lost ring, there is no way to do the story justice. I might have a shot of the whole joint filled with two feet of corn for a better understanding of how impossible it was going to be to find.

Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! And your kiddos are adorable as usual :) And I can't believe that you lost your ring and that someone found it!!! Oh I am so glad that that girl found it for you! That's so crazy. But otherwise looks like an amazingly fun little outing! :)

Suz, Nathan & Kye said...

Holy Macarel! That was a close one with the ring. It makes me want to get mine shrunk! It looks like you guys are having a blast! We sure miss you! Great pictures, definately one for the scrapbook!