Nov 27, 2007

Giving Thanks for Utah

We Went to Utah for Thanksgiving this year. We suprised my parents, and what a surprised it was. When we arrived I let the kids go to the door and ring the door bell. Let's just say they definitely got the response they were looking for! Here are some hi-lights of the week.

Ellie warmed up to Papa quickly this year, not the case last year. They are a good match because she loves to give away kisses, and he loves to recieve them.

Jensen was pumped about making the letter J out of dominos. Ellie waited on the sidelines, then when the first domino fell she swooped in like a hawk and made sure none were left standing.

Ellie met her cousin for the first time this Thanksgiving. She is so into babies right now, and insisted on being involved with all things baby. These two girlies are the only girls so far on my side. Is it just me or do I look like I'm 12 in this pic?

Making a huge mess out of Nana's recycling was a hit with these two. The entire week they were partners in crime- it was fun to hear them off in another room laughing hysterically.

There is a fantastic place close to my sisters house to go and feed the ducks. Naturally my children LOVED this! The bonus about feeding ducks is the purchasing of the bread. We bought six loaves of "duck bread" for one dollar.

The fuzzy slide hair- pictures like this make me smile.

This pic is my favorite. I have pictures where everyone is looking and smiling- but I can't get over my two year old clown in the front. Where did she come from? At what age do you learn to pull a face when you are supposed to be taking a group photo? I guess 2... yep 2 years old apparently.


Suz, Nathan & Kye said...

It was so fun to see you guys! Elvis is a crack up and Jensen is my new BF! I can't wait to see you guys in April!

Carrie Hellewell said...

What a fun thing to do! We might have to do a surprise too sometime. I bet your parents loved it! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

piercefam said...

Even though I'd hate to part with you, I have to feel a little sad that you only get these awesome family times a few times a year. Looks like such fun. Love Ellie's slide hair. Love that girl!