Nov 4, 2007


Ellie and Ali trying to consume as much candy as possible! Not interested in playing- Just eating thanks.
Take a good look at this picture because it is probably the only one you will see of her looking afraid. For the girl who will jump from dangerous heights, she was quite unsure of getting to the end of the balance beam. She is wearing a different costume in this picture because we hit up the YMCA Halloween parade twice( Jensen was in preschool during the first). In all of our festivities this year- Ellie dressed up differently every time.


piercefam said...

The other day when I had them at the park, I was standing next to Ellie and she was on top of something that was well over her height. Anyway, I didn't dream she'd jump off of it, BUT SHE DID! I was freaked! She was thrilled! She climbed right back up and did it again, too! Seriously, Alice just barely started jumping off a stair!

Jim Hutchings said...

I am staggered to see Elvis scared of anything …Staggered! I've see that chick do some crazy things with no concern for danger whatsoever.