Nov 28, 2007

Notes for Nana

I decided I wanted to blog about all of funny things my kids were saying, but thought that no one would really care that much, except for maybe my mom. So mom, these posts are for you.

Last night Jensen asked me to come into his room after getting ready for bed. When I reached his bed he said, "mom, I had a dream about the mystery mist." I was so thrown off by this comment that I literally laughed in his face. Lately he talks a lot about scary things (post halloween)- I assumed it was something scary. He proceeded to tell me this long story about what the mystery mist was. Nothing scary, just the mist that is in the forest when Pablo (a backyardigan) is there.


eRiCa said...

lol that's soo cute! I love that sad that i know the name of that episode "Knights are brave and strong"...we love our backyardigans! such a cute story!

Coatney, Party of Four said...

Oh I totally know this one! Tyrone is the moose of the mystery mist. We love that one, almost as much as "Tiki Beach" where they sing Rad Moves. We love the backyardigans!

kim brimhall said...

I totally get the whole"blog what your kids say" but your right, no one ever cares about it but me. But this was cute. love the notebook!