Nov 4, 2007

Oooo Oooo Oooo Oooo This is Halloween!

Trunk or Treat night is always a hit due to the fact that you go from trunk to trunk for the candy and not house to house. Jensen filled up his entire bucket in the twenty minutes we were there. Ellie had fun, but didn't really get into it until we did the real trick or treating in our neighborhood. In fact, she would turn down any tootsie rolls that were put in her princess pale. She would pull it out, inspect it, then promptly give it back to whoever gave it to her. She didn't want a new piece, she was just off to the next person to see if they had something better to offer. Glad to know that she is so selective with FREE candy.
Here she is, sorting through the candy, seing if anything is up to her standard.

Later, Haloween evening "pappy" came over to see the kids in their costumes. Unfortunately they had already changed. Luckily he came prepared for his grandkids to trick or treat from his pocket. Jensen took it to the next level and manged to get a large sum of money out of his back pocket without him noticing. Good work Jensen!

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piercefam said...

Ellie is hilarious! I can't believe she was rejecting candy. So adorable.