Dec 7, 2007

Naughty or Nice

I love Christmas time!! Who doesn't??? Pictures with Santa is always on the list of things to do, along with drinking hot cocoa. I am not really a hot cocoa drinker, but I try and expose my kids to cocoa at least during the holidays so they don't miss out on that holiday tradition. Last year I can remember coaching Jensen on what to tell Santa he wanted for Christmas. This year he was on his own. When santa asked him what he wanted he proudly announced, "trucks!" This was news to me, I think he was throwing that out there because he hadn't thought about it yet. The only toy he has ever asked me for out of the blue was a Barbie Jeep power wheels. He saw it on a commercial and said, "Mom, I would like to have one of those." This was suprising because he has a Hummer and a John Deer in the shed... how different could the Barbie one be? Ellie of course wants more dollies. What she really needs is a cradle, she has been using a garbage can.... luckily it is a spare that we don't use! She has plenty baby carriers, but apparently she needs something a little more sturdy.
The wonderful thing about going to see santa so early (before Thanksgiving) is the fact that no one else is around! The kids spent as much time as they wanted with Santa- and kept going back to visit with him.
We have been playing "Santa and the people" for weeks now. Santa pushes his sleigh (A Tonka dump truck) and Rudolph crawls in front of it with his shiny nose, and brings presents to the "people." I usually end up being the "people,"because I am willing to lay there pretending to be sleeping. They stuff stockings full of random toys from the toy box and then go wait by the door, and yell.. "it's time to wake up." The kids get really into it, and somehow it doesn't loose its magic after playing it non stop. I try to maintain my enthusiasm after receiving the same toys over and over. "Yea, another Bob the builder tractor... just what I wanted!!!"


Suz, Nathan & Kye said...

If Raegan bought Ethan an easy-bake oven, you can surely get Jens a barbie jeep! I love those pictures of santa, I wish I could come and be "people" at your house!

piercefam said...

You got some really great pictures. I love the ones of them both looking at Santa! I had to seriously photoshop to conjure up one good shot!

Erin & Steffon said...

Mimi those pictures are so cute! It's fun when they finally get to the age where they aren't screaming....I'm sure Benson will freak out! Merry Christmas!