Dec 13, 2007

Tree Farm and Santa Train

Daddy took the kids to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree. Every year it is a tradition to go pick out the tree and have lunch at Taco Bell (his mom's favorite) and then go to Point Defiance and ride the Santa Train. I was unfortunately teaching at the YMCA, and missed out. Jensen might have been wearing his own coat had I been there. I love the tree the picked out... that post coming up.
Ellie cuting down the tree.
Waiting for the train

Ellie came home excited about her candy cane that Santa gave her. Jensen was too cold, and didn't emerge from the blankets to recieve his candy cane.


Coatney, Party of Four said...

That is hilarious. Someday Jensen is going to be maaaaad about that picture and his coat.

The Eggett Clan said...

What a fun tradition. Your kids are so fun.

piercefam said...

The best part is Ellie and John laying on the train track! I realize that commercial trains aren't likely to roll over them, but it still unnerved me a little! Ruby is loving your blog because she's seen the movie Elf a few times this season and that song, "Baby it's Cold Outside" is on that show, "mom, that's the elf song!"

Jim Hutchings said...

Oh I see how it is...last year when I'm with ya'll - Poring down rain and freezing cold. This year, it looks like you could wear shorts.... I miss my munchkins, that trip was / is so much fun.