Dec 1, 2007

Two Bite Birthday

I was not feeling great on John's b-day so I asked him to bring home a treat that we could sing to him with. When he got home and I was hunting through the groceries, I figured he forgot. It was mostly for the kids anyway, but I wanted him to have a little something on his actual b-day. When I asked him where it was, he proudly presented the smallest serving of ice cream I have ever seen. I gave him the, "clearly you misunderstood your task" look, while trying not to laugh. I could have whipped something up, but again- did feel so hot. Jensen and Ellie had been carrying the candles around all day waiting for daddy to get home, so we couldn't disappoint them.

Here is a pic of his fancy b-day dessert. The good news is, we each got exactly ONE bite.


Jayna & Family said...

That is a classic story! John's come a long since eating a yellow frosted cake out of the pan in #13! ;)

The Eggett Clan said...

That is too funny

piercefam said...

I have to say it is better than having fat free sugar free like my husband likes to lay down the big hints with.