Dec 25, 2007

ZOO Lights

Last Weekend we went to Zoo lights. Every year Point Defiance Zoo puts on a light show around Christmas time. We have never gone before, but we really enjoyed it! My aunt Lani sent us tickets- THANKS LAN!
Here is my goofball.... being goofy! They really loved Zoo lights, I think we will try and make it a tradition. There were some fun and entertaining light displays, behind Jense you can see Narrows Bridge. I didn't even notice the breaklights and headlights until John pointed it out. We walked around the entire zoo, rode the carosel, and drank some hot cocoa. Ellie really had a fantastic time because she LOVES Christmas lights! She screams "pretty lights mom" at every house with Christmas lights. She will continue screaming until I give her some kind of response. It is always a real treat when we drive past a house with a santa or reindeer on the lawn. I guess it's time to start collection lawn decorations. It is so difficult to store stuff like that.... BAA Humbug!

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