Sep 20, 2007

The Fam Pics

This is me and my man!! I can't believe that we have been married for 5 years!!! I love this picture, but my eye goes straight to the earing. Ellie loves my earings, and is constantly pulling them off so she can wear them.
My Jensen buddy- I love this kid so much!! He is at a really fun stage where every discovery is a huge celebration. He needs a song and dance for everything he does- and I am happy to provide the song and dance!!!
Elvis- aka "Sassy Senorita" I love my fiery two year old! I have had people ask me if "Elvis" is actually her name. I gues we should start calling her by her real name!
The McDonalds! This is the first picture where I see that Jensen might have inherited my ears--- lucky kid!
Two little monkeys- believe it or not we have quite a few pictures like this. For some reason, my children really enjoy hanging from trees. I need to start a collection of pictures of them hanging. Ellie could hold on at a disturbingly young age.
Goof Balls- If you know my husband, it goes without saying that my kids are acting like clowns.
I love this pic- he makes this face all the time!
Couldn't resist putting this one on-

My Darling Ellie- She does this really cute things where she throws her hands in the air every time she wakes up and says, " I waked up mom" She is so proud that she made it through her slumber!! I think she is picking up on the "celebrate every possible occasion" from her big bro.

AFIN Charity Auction

AFIN Auction- This is me and Rebecca with John Curley. He did such a good job! We wouldn't have made nearly as much money without him!! We raised $35,000 for my friend who has cancer for the fifth time. She is also a loving mother to four kids. Her oldest son has autism, and her daughter has cerebral palsy. Her husband was recently diagnosed with MS. They have been fine for years, but the medical bills just keep adding up! AFIN to the rescue.....
This is Colleen, my dear Colleen. She has a heart of gold, and it was a joy to help her out. She is such a fighter (of cancer), and I am glad she is in my life!!
My sis Nat's flew out to help out! I was so happy that someone from my family was able to be there. My brother in law Ken was also there, it was so fun to see them both!!
This is the wonderful AFIN commitee! I love all of these women for their hard work and dedication! I am so lucky to have such wonderful sister in my ward! We had a lot of fun doing this auction- and we are all ready for a LONG rest!
Just thought I would throw this pic in here, because there are not a lot of pic's of us together, and we spent many late nights going over every detail of this auction. If you want to read her description of the auction just click on her page.

Sep 19, 2007


YMCA Dance Staff!! These are the FABULOUS women that I work with. This year I am teaching six dance classes. Classes start next week, and although I am excited for this session I am really enjoying my break with nothing going on!! We had a fun retreat this past weekend, complete with dancing at the new Y up north, watching "so you think you can dance" and of course being goofy! This year we are going to have a recital, and the theme is "welcome home". All props, and music have to somehow tie into a room in a house. I am excited to come up with the dances. JUST DANCE!!

Sep 13, 2007

Jensen's 4th Spidey Party

Jensen's Invitation to his 4th Birthday. My friend Rebecca is a photoshoper- so I enlist her talents often!
This year Jensen's Birthday party was at the YMCA. It worked out perfectly because there were no house preparations, and no clean-up. The kids had so much fun running wild in the gymnastics room. He had a spiderman party, and received many spiderman gifts. He got a new bike and scooter, both spiderman of course. His love for spiderman is adorable. His dad is slowly convincing him to love transformers, because that way he can justify buying all of them.
The highlight of the party for me was when we got out the big parachute. Jensen sat in the middle, and everyone held onto the edges, ran around him, and sang happy birthday. He had the biggest smile on his face. I could tell at that point that it was a great birthday! I am sad that he turned four, he is growing up too fast!
One thing he really wanted for his party was a "Piyata". We decided to try the pull string one. Everyone got to pull a string hoping to pull the string that opened the trap door to all the candy. It just so happened that Jensen's second turn is the one that opened the trap door. We still have a perfectly good pinata we can destroy with a bat later.

Sep 12, 2007

FHE at Grandma's

Jensen was a big helper at our monday night FHE. He got to open a gift that had a rock in it. Jensen bore his testimony witht the help of his daddy. Ellie helped me lead the music. It was neat to hear the older kids talk of their feelings of the gospel.
Jensen's mini pie. Everyone gets a birthday celebration at Grandma Conways house.
Ellie had a difficult time holding still during the lesson. She wanted to sqeeze in between everyone, and get cozy.

Scenic Beach Campout 2007

Where's ALICE? Ellie has to keep tabs on Alice, my friend Rebecca's little girl. If I could have a third daughter, I would take Alice in a heart beat. Although she looks a little scared to be next to me in this pic, we are buddies.

Kido's taking their lanterns on an adventure! My kids LOVE these laterns- we finally bought more laterns than we have children. We went camping with some friends from our ward, and some Gem Heights ward friends. We went to scenic beach, which is exactally that. It was beautiful!! We had fun, and celebrated Jensen's birthday there too. I realize I only have footage and no still shots.
Snuggle in the Tent. Most of the novelty of camping was spending time in the tent. Jensen kept asking me, "mom, can we just play in the tent?" I think he spent a lot of his camping time in the tent.

This is "Ruby Doo," she was having a rough minute because she got an owie on her foot. The entire shore was covered with razor sharp barnicles. Every child at the beach that day had a band-aid somewhere on their body. I cut both of my baby toes, and I as walking carefully. All the children learned that barnicles are not our friends!

Katie Coatney is HERE!

Baby Katie is finally here!!! My "bestie" Friend "Jaime Buddy" had her daughter on Aug 24th at 11:33 pm. She was a couple days late, which was a couple years by her mother's calculations. Katie has darling red hair, and as far as I can tell, looks like her daddy. Ellie asks to see baby Katie everyday. We are giving her a few weeks to build up her immunity before we bombard her with germy kido's.
Kisses for BABY KATIE- Jensen loves to kiss the babies!!