Jan 29, 2008


Yes, yes... I haven't officially said so in my blog, but we are expecting baby #3. It has been a rough couple months... really rough!! I am wondering why morning sickness waited until my third child to ruin my life. Kudos to all the mommies out there that were sick during their pregnancies. I for one am not cut out for long suffering! Luckily, I think I am over the worst- and if I'm not then there might be more posts about my home looking ransacked!

We find out in a couple weeks what we are having, so go ahead and cast your vote. Ellie wants a baby brother, and Jensen wants a baby brother too. Every day Ellie kisses the baby, and gives me play by plays of what it's doing. "Baby's tired; he's going ni-nite." "Baby wants his mommy, he's sad." "Baby wants this (A toy princess CD player). The kids have been waiting for a baby for a long time, and can't talk about it and to it enough. Jensen has officially named the baby NED. I have no idea where he came up with this name, but he insists, "mommy- your baby's name is gonna be Ned." Although, Ellie responds that she wants a baby brother, she calls the baby "Lucy." I think she really wants a sister, but has to go with whatever big bro says.

So what do you think... Boy or Girl?? No really tell me... because I have ZERO intuition.

Jan 28, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

The prophet passed away last night, and I just wanted to post a short message about what a wonderful man he was. He has been "my prophet" and I remember so vividly my feelings when I was in the same room as him. I am so grateful for the impact he has had on my life. I always looked forward to his messages at general conference, he was truly inspired. He will be missed by everyone in the church. He was a wonderful leader and humanitarian. He will forever be remembered for the many temples constructed while he was prophet. As I was talking to my mom last night about how sad I was, she told me not to be sad. She said, "He is with his Marjorie, and they are finally reunited." I am happy about that, he was the perfect example of how men should feel towards their spouses. I will miss his warmth, he truly has impacted my life!! You can click here for more information about President Hinckley's passing and funeral arrangements.

Jan 25, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday

There were two birthdays in my family this month. My little sister Boonie's birthday is TODAY! Yeah Happy B-Day! Boonie is my youngest sister who lives in Colorado, and is going to school... she is almost done. Yipee! I can't resist her baby picture- So cute! My husband calls her Boondocks- and to all the kids she is aunt "boo boo." Happy Birthday Booz, I wish I was there to eat some cake... I have been craving a little cake! I can't wait to visit next month!!

My older sister Raegan's birthday was earlier this month. She is the sister who I hound daily to post stories to her blog because her four children are active enough to keep us all entertained. Rae is a great mom and fabulous cook!! One thing I really miss about Utah is eating at the Bowns. We ate there A LOT! These pictures (the older ones) were taken in the same place, the lighting changed their hair color. My friend just bought me a photoshop book so I can finally figure out how to use that program, and restore natural hair color.

Happy Birthday Sisters!!!

Jan 23, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake

Last week, my long awaited package arrived. What was it you ask? Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City VHS! I really really wanted to watch this show, and since I have a two year old daughter I figured I was justified in the purchase. I LOVED this show as a kid, and watched it over and over again. It was everything I had been craving, even down to the evil plotting of the peculiar purple pieman of porcupine peak. Originally, when he replaced the strawberries with gumballs I didn't think that would have been so bad.... now I prefer the strawberries.

Has anyone seen this movie? It is so great...I'll let you borrow it, if you still have a vhs player ;-)

Jan 17, 2008

The Hubby Tag-

What is his name?
John (He's the Chef)
How long have you been together? We've been married for 5 1/2 years.
How long did you date? I met him when I was 18... we dated FOREVER!
How old is he? 31- in dog years ;-)
Who eats more? Hmmmm... depends on what we're eating. I take the cake in Salsa, ice cream, or candy. If it's healthy food- it's him all the way.
Who said I Love you first? It was him- I want to see if he remembers, or I would post about it.
Who is taller? He is taller- not by much, but enough to reach things I can't.
Who sings better? John has a great voice! He was in all sorts of choirs in high school. He is really good at harmonizing, but refuses to let people know he can sing well. When I went to Mexico while we were engaged, he recorded me a CD. I listened to it every day, when I got home it mysteriously disappeared.
Who is smarter? Again- what are we dealing with here? John is book smart, and busts out random words I've never heard of (no Jim, not the ebonics). He was a math tutor.... I love my calculator. I am always aware of direction, and can get back to any location if I have been there before. Let's just say he should own a nav system.
Who does the laundry? Lately it's all Him-- Thanks daddy! Before Thanksgiving- that was my role. I'll explain why in a later post.
Who pays the bills? Me. Although- everything is automatic- so I guess the real answer is the bank. I am in charge of all the random stuff though.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do- I have to be farthest away from the door- in case the boogy man comes. No really- I can't sleep if I am closer to the door.
Who mows the lawn? John does- he really enjoys it- he loves gardening! All of our landscaping is John's work. I have my house plants that I continually kill and re-purchase.
Who cooks dinner? Me- unless I am not feeling well, and he is happy to do it. John always takes time to make recipies super fancy. He will run to the grocery store for that last ingredient, while I just serve it up as is. He always makes breakfast on Sundays- Hallelujah!
Who drives? John- I can't park that stinkin truck!
Who is more stubborn? Me... I am a taurus, what can I say. John and I usually don't go head to head on a lot of issues.
Who kissed who first? HA! This is a great story- It was definitely him! For the sake of not embarrassing him to all of my blogging friends- I will just say he really went for it!
Who asked who out first? Our first official date he asked me out- but we were together all of the time prior to that.
Who proposed? John again, we we're snowshoeing up in Sundance. We climbed up to this peak, without our snowshoes and could see for miles. It was very romantic, and a little dangerous.
Who is more sensitive? I think it's a tie. I am a basket case when I'm pregnant.
Who has more siblings? I have five sisters, and he has five siblings, and 10 step siblings.
Who wears the pants? Moi of course! I am a Jensen girl after all. He wears the pants on the weekend ;-)

Now I huggy tag: Suz, Jaime Buddy, Rae, and home girl.

Jan 14, 2008

Wedding Photos

John's youngest brother Taylor was married on Saturday. He married a great girl, Elizabeth... who looked beautiful in her wedding dress!! I think he looks a little like Matt Damon, No?
This is the only picture I have of them together at the wedding. I video taped the whole thing, and forgot to snap some pics. This is their first dance as husband and wife... I had the blurry effect setting turned on ;-) It was such a beautiful wedding, and great reception. Elizabeth made CD's for all of the guests with their favorite songs.

One very HOT groomsman!! Jensen kept asking about our wedding, and if he could go. It has been on his mind because for the last two nights he has wanted to talk about the temple, and when mommy and daddy got married.

Ellie was obsessed with being close to "the princess" It melted my heart how much she enjoyed the wedding and adored the bride. Elizabeth was very sweet to indulge her when she got a chance.

Jan 11, 2008

Where'd your doctor go?

Daddy and the kids came with me to my annual cardiology appointment. I take Ellie with me because she has a bicuspid valve with a little click. Jensen didn’t want to be left out of the fun day at the doctor. It’s actually pretty fun as far as doctor’s appointments go. I see a pediatric cardiologist because adult cardiologists don’t know much about the procedure that was last done on my heart. When I moved here and found a cardiologist, I had to explain the procedure to her… I figured that was a bad sign.

The kids got to help the tech hook me up to the EKG, and they got to pick shows during the echo. I came home from the cardiologist all hooked up to a 24 hour monitor. This experience always cracks me up because strangers stop me wanting to know if I’m OK. I suppose it is alarming to see electrodes attached to someone with two little ones in tow. The last time they did the monitoring was a couple years ago when I was pregnant with Ellie. I made the mistake of going grocery shopping, and I had sweet elderly ladies asking if they could help me. I steered clear of the grocery store, but I did take the kids to their swim lessons at the Y. Ellie was fascinated with the wires and leads, and made regular check ups on me. “Mom, I wanna see your doctor” When it was finally time for it to come off, she kept asking me, “Where’d your doctor go?” I think she was hoping it would be a permanent fixture.

Oh, so for those of you wondering… everything is about the same with my heart. He said that the ventricle is a little worse than last year, but the valves sounded about the same.

This is Dr. Stefanelli- he is great! It takes the right person to be a pediatric specialist.

Little bicuspid girl, he said her clicking was really mild! ALRIGHT!!

Jan 10, 2008

A dedication to my sisters

OK- So I was Youtubing looking for ideas for the dance festival. We are having a multi-stake festival and I am in charge of choreographing a part. The great thing about Youtube is it brings up bunch of suggestions of related videos. Well this video wasn’t related at all, but it immediately caught me eye.

I dedicate this video to my sisters, and the THOUSANDS of times we rewound this part of the movie. Jess, Nat, Rae, Suz, Boo… this is for you! A special thanks to Nat for discovering the TB.

Jan 7, 2008

Movie Review

For girls nights we usually end up at the movies…these are the last couple of movies we saw. Don’t read if you haven’t seen them… they are worth seeing!


HATED IT!!!! No, not really. I hated how it made me address the reality of what it would be like to loose my spouse. It was actually a darling movie, and I loved Gerard Butler. He was the perfect actor for this role... accent and all! I don’t think I can take Lisa Kudrow seriously after Friends. She will always be Phoebe… don’t try to be someone else… You’re phoebe! I was happy to see Denny Duket alive and working the land in Ireland.


Two thumbs up! It was a prefect show to see with the girls…. Not so much a date night movie. I thought Amy Adams was perfect for the role, she was very princess like. I found myself wanting to trade places with her just to see if I could keep a straight face. Great movie! Oh, and who can get enough of Mc Dreamy?


Two Thumbs up- I always wonder how young children can be such great actors. Freddie Highmore is such a good little actor! How? When does he have time to pretend all of these emotions? Actors have always been a mystery to me, how can they stay in character? Anyway, he did a great job making everyone fall in love with him. I loved how he always knew his parents wanted him- I wanted to take him home for crying out loud! Robin Williams on the other hand was totally creepy. It was a cute story… a little unbelievable that a father could lie like that and for so long, but cute nonetheless.

Jan 4, 2008


You know you need a life when you can't sleep because of the Iowa Caucus. I am experiencing Mitt Mania! I didn't know I was so into politics. So the Iowa Caucus was a little disappointing, but it is only one state. If you don't know much about Mitt or where he stands on the issues- go to his website: http://www.mittromney.com/ Be careful though... you might get addicted. I am calling all Washingtonians who love Mitt to go to the Washington Caucus on 9th of February. We need to get our delegates to support Romney! If you want to join Team Mitt click here
I think you can network with me: Romney2008. I really enjoyed his "Faith in America" address- did anyone catch it?