Jan 4, 2008


You know you need a life when you can't sleep because of the Iowa Caucus. I am experiencing Mitt Mania! I didn't know I was so into politics. So the Iowa Caucus was a little disappointing, but it is only one state. If you don't know much about Mitt or where he stands on the issues- go to his website: http://www.mittromney.com/ Be careful though... you might get addicted. I am calling all Washingtonians who love Mitt to go to the Washington Caucus on 9th of February. We need to get our delegates to support Romney! If you want to join Team Mitt click here
I think you can network with me: Romney2008. I really enjoyed his "Faith in America" address- did anyone catch it?


Rachel said...

I watched the debates last night...I should have called you. Did you catch them? I think Mitt did well, but the critics are saying he didn't. Whatever! I'll go with you in Feb. Go Mitt!!!

piercefam said...

I missed the debates, you have to tip me off, because I'm not aware. Sommer is obsessing too...you should team up.