Jan 25, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday

There were two birthdays in my family this month. My little sister Boonie's birthday is TODAY! Yeah Happy B-Day! Boonie is my youngest sister who lives in Colorado, and is going to school... she is almost done. Yipee! I can't resist her baby picture- So cute! My husband calls her Boondocks- and to all the kids she is aunt "boo boo." Happy Birthday Booz, I wish I was there to eat some cake... I have been craving a little cake! I can't wait to visit next month!!

My older sister Raegan's birthday was earlier this month. She is the sister who I hound daily to post stories to her blog because her four children are active enough to keep us all entertained. Rae is a great mom and fabulous cook!! One thing I really miss about Utah is eating at the Bowns. We ate there A LOT! These pictures (the older ones) were taken in the same place, the lighting changed their hair color. My friend just bought me a photoshop book so I can finally figure out how to use that program, and restore natural hair color.

Happy Birthday Sisters!!!

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Boonie said...

Wow! your sister Boonie is hot.