Jan 7, 2008

Movie Review

For girls nights we usually end up at the movies…these are the last couple of movies we saw. Don’t read if you haven’t seen them… they are worth seeing!


HATED IT!!!! No, not really. I hated how it made me address the reality of what it would be like to loose my spouse. It was actually a darling movie, and I loved Gerard Butler. He was the perfect actor for this role... accent and all! I don’t think I can take Lisa Kudrow seriously after Friends. She will always be Phoebe… don’t try to be someone else… You’re phoebe! I was happy to see Denny Duket alive and working the land in Ireland.


Two thumbs up! It was a prefect show to see with the girls…. Not so much a date night movie. I thought Amy Adams was perfect for the role, she was very princess like. I found myself wanting to trade places with her just to see if I could keep a straight face. Great movie! Oh, and who can get enough of Mc Dreamy?


Two Thumbs up- I always wonder how young children can be such great actors. Freddie Highmore is such a good little actor! How? When does he have time to pretend all of these emotions? Actors have always been a mystery to me, how can they stay in character? Anyway, he did a great job making everyone fall in love with him. I loved how he always knew his parents wanted him- I wanted to take him home for crying out loud! Robin Williams on the other hand was totally creepy. It was a cute story… a little unbelievable that a father could lie like that and for so long, but cute nonetheless.


piercefam said...

I can't read the review because I've only seen Enchanted. Totally agree about loving that movie, though I think it is an AWESOME date movie. Plenty of humor for everyone (my husband is super picky about romantic movies, and he was entertained)...enough poking fun at the "happily ever after" narrative to satisfy the men. My kids loved it, we saw it twice!

eRiCa said...

loved enchanted and august rush! Can't wait to go and see ps i love you with bret! Since watching August rush I have asked for guitar lessons for my birthday, and since watching Enchanted I have made a new year's resolution to make the rest of my sunday attire out of our curtains (wait....no...we have blinds...crap!)

Jim Hutchings said...

So I'm slightly in love with Amy Adams

Sarah said...

We went to Enchanted for a girls night and I loved, loved it. I haven't seen the other two, maybe I should add them to my netflix queue ;) And Jim, Amy Adams is darling!! I think she's single.... ;)