Jan 14, 2008

Wedding Photos

John's youngest brother Taylor was married on Saturday. He married a great girl, Elizabeth... who looked beautiful in her wedding dress!! I think he looks a little like Matt Damon, No?
This is the only picture I have of them together at the wedding. I video taped the whole thing, and forgot to snap some pics. This is their first dance as husband and wife... I had the blurry effect setting turned on ;-) It was such a beautiful wedding, and great reception. Elizabeth made CD's for all of the guests with their favorite songs.

One very HOT groomsman!! Jensen kept asking about our wedding, and if he could go. It has been on his mind because for the last two nights he has wanted to talk about the temple, and when mommy and daddy got married.

Ellie was obsessed with being close to "the princess" It melted my heart how much she enjoyed the wedding and adored the bride. Elizabeth was very sweet to indulge her when she got a chance.


Sarah said...

Ooooo, I love weddings. We went to my roommate's sister's wedding a couple months ago and Anna kept wanting to see the princess as well - I guess everyone's a princess on their wedding day...? And is Ellie getting lipstick from the princess in that last picture? Lucky girl!! :)

piercefam said...

Love the happy couple dancing picture! Don't love the John boy on the arm of another woman! No gracias! :)