Feb 12, 2008

Ellie's Birthday Bash

Happy birthday to Elvis!!
Ellie had her pony party last night. She took care of all her guests! Here she is feeding her cousin roo roo some yummy cake. The funnest thing about the birthday party is the planning for it. I wish I had a video camera as we went around picking up the balloons, party favors, and groceries for her party.
Opening gifts was a little comical. She had fun tearing the paper, opening the box, and quickly throwing out the gift inside, before she was on to her next one. It would have been nice if she showed some emotion for every gift, but she was too preoccupied with getting them all open. This toy has been her favorite so far. It is a darling doll that has snap on clothes. Ellie has been combing her hair non stop in the bathroom. When I walk by I hear her giving the doll a pep talk. The same one she gets from me every day when I do her hair. "Stand still for just a minute OK?" "I'm almost done...ok? ok?"
Big bro was such a helper getting ready for the party. He has been earning money to buy his sister a gift. He has earned a whopping four dollars so far. We will celebrate her birthday on Thursday, so I have a couple days to take him shopping. He knows exactally what he wants to buy her! Jensen was a really good sport about his sister's birthday. He did turn the conversation to what he was planning for his next birthday, so I knew the wheels were turning about when it's his big day. With huge excited eyes he keeps telling me"There is gonna be garbage truck on my cake!!" Poor kid has months before his birthday!
The guests of honor! This is BJ and Chase (cousins), the cute older cousins mind you. Around Christmas Ellie developed an adoration for BJ, she will randomly bring him up and talk about him to no one in particular. All last week she was continually labeling her invitations, usually in the same order; "This one is for roo roo, this one is for Ruby... this one is for BJ." I was so happy when they came!! There is a lot to be said about teenage boys who will come to a pony party.


Information said...

What a great party it was! Thanks for having us. Ellie is so full of flair and fun, I adore the kid. Cute pic of she and her admirees!

Boonie said...

mmmm... Garbage truck cake.

Your kids are so cute!

Tracy Family said...

Aw, what a cute pony party it sounds like! She looks so cute with her pony cake! I bet you can't believe she's 3 already!! I love birthday's, they're so fun. :)

The Eggett Clan said...

Looks Like a fun Party. She's a cutie. Aubree's turning three next week, I can't believe it.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to miss Ellie! Anna has also been talking about her birthday for months... and she still has more than a month to go. I'm glad that Ellie's was so fun for her!

Rachel said...

sorry we missed it. The kids are sick and we were so upset to miss celebrating with Ellie. Happy Birthday Ellie!!

eRiCa said...

Mimi -
1. I sent you your swap information last monday to your yahoo account (it probably went to your spam since I haven't emailed you there before and that's what yahoo does...I just resent it so check your spam and let me know you got it, then I recommend contacing who you had and let them know what happened...I'm sure she'd still love to get a package since she sent one out :D). Sorry for any confusion....:) can you email me back and let me know you got it?

2.Happy birthday to your little girl. She is beautiful. My little girls have those snap 'n syle dolls and they love them! I love them too because it makes it so I don't have to keep putting clothes on and off their dolls :)

Jim Hutchings said...

Dang it...I need to read these blogs earlier. Every time I go to comment lately….Boonie has beat me to the punch with my same thought – I mean seriously Bay: “Garbage Truck Cake?”