Feb 5, 2008

Snow Fun

It snowed!! I was getting worried that the kids wouldn't have a chance to make a snowman, but they got their chance last week. It didn't stick around for long, but it did snow, and we took advantage of it!! They loved sledding across the street from our house at a park. There is a tiny hill, just perfect for them. Jensen was getting creative going down backwards, on his belly, and laying down across the sled. Ellie of course carried her sled up the hill and went down again and again no assistance needed.
Ellie is quite the chatterbox lately. She cannot stop talking about her birthday party. Everywhere we go, she asks people if they want to come to her pony party. I cannot believe she will be three next week. How did those three year go by so fast? I feel like she just went into nursery. So sad!


Carrie Hellewell said...

Roxie and I are going to Utah next week and I'm a bit nervous about the weather conditions but these pictures make me a teensy bit excited. Very cute!

Coatney Family said...

Fun! They are so cute. It's funny but I really picture Elvis to be more crazy like and standing on her sled or something of that nature.