Feb 14, 2008

Valentines Day Craziness!!

We started off the day with a Sweetheart ball. Ellie loved all the crafts and dancing! Jensen was our ONLY boy... the handsome prince of the ball. He was a good sport and did everything but the dancing.
Ellie was excited that is was her birthday too... she made sure everyone knew that she was three years old.
After a birthday dinner we sang to her again. I made the mistake of buying candles that sparkle. The girl is terrified of fireworks, and didn't want to blow them out a second time.

Daddy gave her a princess bike for her birthday, which she LOVES! Riding around on her princess bike (indoors) polished off a great birthday!

A Valentines post wouldn't be complete without giving up a little love to my Valentine. Ellie's birthday kind of overshadows the romance of the day, but to my Valentine:

Thanks for being such a fantastic husband!! You make being married wonderful!! You make me laugh.. even when I don't want to! You are the best dad I know.. no really.. The BEST! Thanks for all the wonderful Valentines Days, and for those to come! Me love you long time!

This picture is of us at Ricks College... where it all began. Our first Valentines day together (eight years ago) John covered the entire front room of his apt in red paper, we're talking ceiling and all. He talked his roommate into being our waiter, and he cooked me a ten course meal of all my favorite foods. I can't remember everything but I remember the artichokes and pot roast ( I'm sure it's recorded diligently in my journal). He had a friend in the ward come over and play the violin for our entertainment (so sweet). Last, we listened to a "mixed tape" he made of his favorite love songs then watched "Singing in the rain." It doesn't get any more Ricks College than that folks!

Happy Valentines Day!


Rebecca said...

Yo, yo...my favorite blogger! :) Love the sweet v-day memories! What a romantic guy...pobre waiter friend! Thanks for sharing!

Pb said...

Romance, aah, it's makes me young again.

anniewalkfam said...

you guys are so cute! I can't believe Elvis is 3! We've got to get together again before our kids are off to college.