Mar 25, 2008

Easter Buddy

Somehow I managed to take ZERO pictures of the kids in their Sunday Easter clothes, or of their baskets... Whoopsie! Someday I will figure out how to take still shots from our video camera. I did get some pic's of the other fun stuff we did. Boy did we hunt eggs this year. A few days before Easter we had a really sunny day and the kids spent the better part of it hiding and finding eggs. Jensen just started to throw them into the backyard when it was his turn to hide them, I guess the excitement of hiding them wore off a little.
Coloring the eggs was really fun for the kids. I taught them all of the Easter dying tricks I loved as a kid. Jensen was a planner and took a lot more time coloring designs on his eggs before they went into the dye. Ellie on the other hand just wanted all of her eggs in the cups.
Elvis and Eli had a great time hunting eggs at Grandma's get together. She has a huge backyard which makes searching for eggs a little more tricky. Of course the eggs were loaded with candy.. can you tell by Ellie's loaded cheeks?
We went to a couple hunts at the Y. The toddler gym classes do a hunt every year, well it isn't so much a hunt as it is picking up eggs that are spread all over the gymnastics floor. John started a tradition of making pop corn baskets for all of the grand kids. We had left over so he took the kids around the neighborhood delivering yummy baskets. The kids believe that every holiday consists of taking something to the neighbors. Any suggestions for the 4Th of July?

Happy Easter Everyone! It was a great Sunday to reflect on the meaning of Easter and how much the Savior has done for each of us!!


Rebecca said...

I totally wanted pics of the baskets! What an awesome undertaking! It wasn't really Easter last week...try again on Sunday when your kids are all dressed and it isn't dreary and wet outside!

Steven and Whitney said...

So, I just got done telling Shelley how tripped out I am that all of the high school girls have their own little families--you're all mommas! Easter looked like a lot of fun. Maybe someday I will be able to conduct and Easter "egg"stravaganza with kids of my own. The kids look adorable. Happy Spring!

Paul W. Bryan said...

My wife used to gather the children and I together after the hunt to tell us a story about Easter. I'm sure you've seen it. She would hand out a slip of paper and a plastic Easter egg. In turn we would read the slip and open the egg.

Each slip told a part of the Easter story and there would be some symbol inside the egg related to the story. A red piece of cloth to represent his Robe. Dice to represent the gambling. A rope to represent the scourging. A piece of wood to represent the cross. A nail to represent the crucifixion. A white cloth to represent his burial. A stone to represent the stone in front of the tomb.

The first time she did it I got to open the last egg. I had been minding the little one so that she could tell the story. I rotely read the paper indicating that he was resurrected and then casually opened the egg. I was glad the program was done as the little ones were restless and it was time to be done. I opened the egg and it was empty. I hadn't expected that. A little frustrated I looked at Diane, "It's empty," I said and looked to make sure I hadn't dropped anything. She was silent. I looked back up to her expecting more of a response. She just quietly said, "Yes, it's empty."

Then I was overcome with the magnitude of the words and their meaning. I wondered if Mary had similar feelings when she unexpectedly found the empty tomb? Just as I heard my dear wife's voice and it brought me peace and understanding so did Mary hear the voice of the Savior and felt relief and joy. I was never the same.

Sarah said...

You can totally dress the kids up in their Easter clothes again this week and none will be the wiser, well except for everyone that reads this blog post ;) I took pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses almost a month after Christmas ;) Your kids are adorable as always and I think they look so grown up in that first picture. When did we get kids that are so old?

Chad & Keysha Peck said...

What a fun Easter! You have some seriously adorable little kids! (By the way, what are your Easter egg dying tricks? There's more than just sticking them in colored water?)

AHEM. You need to put some pic's of yourself up on this blog and show of your pregnant bod...(Which probably doesn't look pregnant!) We're waiting....How is the pregnancy going?