Mar 4, 2008

Notes For Nana

The other day John and I were visiting on the couch and looked over and Jensen and Ellie were unloading the dishwasher. Not only was this unprompted, but they were unloading for awhile before we noticed. John asked Jensen what they were doing, he responded, "we're unloading the dishwasher!" "I'm supposed to help my mom... they told me at church." What angels! Now that I am aware of their abilities working together, it has become a frequent task. Tonight however they unloaded about ten dirty dishes... not so helpful ;-)

Jensen was sitting next to me during the ultrasound, and asked in a concerned voice.."Mom, who slobbered all over you?"

Last week Ellie kept telling me she wanted to finger paint. We finger painted... cleaned up, and went about our day. Next day, "mom, I want to finger paint" ok... finger paint.. clean up. Later that day, she saw her tiny bottle of finger nail polish, and said. "mom, I want to finger paint." Oh... ok! We painted all nails... and she asked everyone that day, "see my finger paint?" Now we are calling it finger painting... which technically it is.


Rachel said...

I LOVE the slobber comment from Jensen. That is hilarious!!

Rebecca said...

Love all those tidbits! It is fingerpainting! I need to do some toe painting.

The Eggett Clan said...

Oh, I love the funny things kids say. Duh Mom Fingerpainting!!!

jayna said...

Gotta love the little girls with the "finger paints!" Very cute.

And as far as baby names, we're down to either Elizabeth or girls and I are leaning towards Lila, but Tyler is still not 100%.

Do you guys have any idea what you'll call your girl, besides Ned?