Mar 28, 2008

Speed Test

88 words

Speed test

So I am not as slow as I thought I was, but I am no Keysha (she can type 106 words per minute-Speedy!!) I wasn’t able to out do my girl Sheri either. I had John take the test because he is always teasing me about my typing. I admit my typing is quite loud… I don’t like to backspace. He has asked me on multiple occasions, “are you typing? or just hitting the keys as hard and fast as you can?” These questions always crack me up because why would I spend time just randomly hitting keys. He thinks I am trying to make him laugh with my typing antics. He has even requested proof, so I have to turn my laptop around to prove that I was indeed typing an email. I loved my keyboarding class, but somehow slid by with a bad habit of typing the letter “B” with the wrong hand. I have tired to correct it- but to no avail. It’s a fun little test… Happy Typing!


jayna said...

I'm laughing... I thought I was a fast typer, but I couldn't break 60 wpm! I'm more concerned about it being perfectly correct- that oldest child perfectionism is a terrible thing.. :)So I'm with John on this're totally foolin' and just hitting the keys!

McDonald Clan said...

John here. Um, I will die typing no faster than 55 wpm. My mind can't even handle that.


Chad & Keysha Peck said...

Very impressive Mimi...(I used to do typing tests for fun when I was young....I know...what a loser!)

Rebecca said...

Meem, you need to set John up as an author on the blog so that he can comment without identifying himself every time. :)

Julie said...

My best was 76 wpm. You are fast indeed! Maybe typing "b" with the wrong hand is the secret!