Apr 2, 2008

Bach's Birthday and Visit to the Band

Jensen's piano class went to a local junior high to listen to their band. In the Suzuki method, the kids learn through listening. The band played many of the songs that were familiar to the kids. I was so impressed with their skill level... I left totally wishing that I had been in the band. Hmmm.. what instrument would I have played? Afterward, the kids explored through the room checking out different instruments.

Jensen loved sharing his musical toy with the class. Sharing day is great because they get to play two songs, and take a bow. I can't get enough of his proud little face when he is introducing his song.

Bach's Birthday party was on the same day. The day wouldn't have been complete without "Mrs. Treble" and "Mr. Bass" party hats. Jensen keeps reminding me, "Mom, Bach lived a long long time ago." Yes, yes he did!


Yergensen Family said...

MiMi, you have a great family. Congrats they are beautiful!
Holly (Thacker)

Suz, Nathan & Kye said...

I think that you are a flute kind of girl. I got stuck with the lousy clarinet when jess tossed it aside.