Jun 30, 2008

Boon Docks

My little sister Boonie came to see us. She lives in Colorado, and if you've been following my blog she is the one who is getting married in September. It was so wonderful to have her here, and to play with the kiddo's. Somehow I need to convince her to start her own blog. Any advice for convincing family members to start blogging? I have one out of five sisters who blog. Boonie needs to blog because she has an extremely exciting life. On our way home from one of my doctors visits, she was nonchalantly telling us (me and my mom) about her stunt plane experience. The girl went up in a stunt plane with an 80 year old pilot and did flips in a plane. She mentioned how the only thing holding her in the plane, as she went upside down, was her seat belt. I didn't know people still flew in planes like that. Now, if she had a blog then we could all watch the video.... no pressure Boo. I was so happy to have her, she was super helpful! Now my kids keep asking where she went. It's always sad when my family members leave because we don't know how long it will be until we get to see them again.

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Lauri said...

You got me to start a blog just by reading yours. Now I just have to convince my in-laws to learn how to use the internet! It really is a great way to keep up on happenings whether you are close or far away! Thanks Mimi, for the great idea.