Jun 30, 2008

Paintball Overnighter

On June 13th we had the second annual Paintball overnighter. This idea was dreamed up when several friends and I were reminiscing about how fun it was when we played capture the flag at night time as scouts. We determined that the only thing that could have made that more fun is if we had guns...So, we made it happen. Last year we found the most perfect field just outside of Eatonville with grass that grows taller than 6' in places. It was more like 2 to 4 feet high this year, as it is early in the season. About 20 people come out each year. It is a mixture of church friends, youth from our church ward, friends and family. We plan it for a weekend when there is a full moon so it is nice and bright. We play until about 2 a.m. and then wake up and finish around noon. Even though the moon lights up the field, it is difficult to spot an enemy in the shadows, so we all wear glow-sticks in the back of our helmets so as to make it more feasible to find an opponent. The result is pure guy fun. Miraculously no one has sustained any serious injury while crashing around in the dark! Each time we have had an immense amount of fun. I had to write about this so that if anyone out there hasn't gotten the invite, next year you will have to make it. It just might be the most fun you will have all year, crawling and sneaking through the grass hunting your buddies, anticipating shooting them in the buttocks, all the while waiting for the possible ambush...Exhilarating.


Rachel said...

Love it! Jason has a blast and always comes home so happy. When I ask how it was, he gets the biggest smile and says, "Awesome!" I love how all you grown men are still such kids at heart!

Nathan said...

When I live a little closer I will definitely have to join you on this budding tradition. Paintballing through the night is a blast.

Rebecca said...

dope picture...did you take that?