Jun 3, 2008

Take me out the Ball Game

John brought home some tickets to the Rainier's game, the kids were pumped! As we approached the field, I was getting them all excited about the game. A panic looked game across Jensen's face and he said, "Mom, mom... I'm not ready!!" I had no idea what he could possibly need to watch a baseball game. After talking it through, I realized he was thinking he was going to be playing in a baseball game. Poor kiddo! He wanted his batting helmet, uniform, and cleats. He is so excited for T-ball season to start!

Every time the ball was hit I was nervous that it was going to hit us. We were right behind the fence on third base. It didn't help that I had people tell me "watch out for foul balls with that baby." Luckily we made it out of there with no foul ball injuries. The hi-light of our night was when our neighbor came out onto the diamond and handed Ellie a Frisbee. We didn't know he was over promotions, but he did recognize us- and Ellie got a fun giveaway.


Rebecca said...

Neighbor hook ups! Love that! I would rather watch Jensen play t-ball than the Rainier's anyday!

Yergensen Family said...

Baseball games are super fun! Sounds like you guys had a blast!