Jul 9, 2008

Balloon time, and not the fun kind.

We just got word that the first procedure is going to happen tomorrow. The collective group of doctors has decided that the best thing to do to move forward is to try the balloon catheter. This will enter into the Aortic valve with the hopes of opening up the valve. Hopefully by enabling the flow of blood, the left ventricle will begin to pump to some extent. If the ventricle begins to pump sufficiently, they can discontinue the drug that is keeping the Ductus Arteriosis open. It will then close, with the hopes that there is now sufficient flow. The drug that is now keeping it open has the side effect of slowing Mia's breathing, making it a little sporadic. Another great benefit is that this will buy more time while waiting for a heart. I suppose that the best case that the doctors really have no expectation for, but could happen with some heavenly intervention, is that the Ventricle starts to pump sufficiently on its own that Mia's heart problem becomes solely a problem with the Aortic valve. It would sure be nice to only deal with an aortic valve replacement as opposed to a heart transplant.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Mimi actually didn't have the full affect of the epidural, which we found out just minutes before delivery. Just one more confirmation that our Mimi is one tough cookie.

Mia is still not able to eat. She is receiving some sugar at this time through her IV, but they are waiting for surgeries before they let her digest. It may be months before she actually eats. They say that with poor circulation, the stomach runs the risk of not being able to properly digest, which can cause need for other complicated surgery. Try and swallow that!

We did get to hold Mia today a couple of times. She is so cute, we just love her. Tomorrow we won't get to hold her after her balloon procedure due to the intubation and pressure bandages etc.


Brittany Osborn said...

Thanks for all the updates. I know me and a few of my other friends from high school keep checking it to see how things are going.
-you know you can get this published into a book right?

Suzie said...

Mimi & John, I love you guys! I have been thinking about you constantly! Many prayers from Samoa! Did Mimi have a balloon procedure before? For some reason it sounds familiar...

anniewalkfam said...

we will defintely pray for some heavenly interevention then! how great that would be to not need a new heart! thanks for posting to keep us all posted! :)