Jul 10, 2008

Cute Kids

Our Children are being passed around while we are up here at the hospital, and we were so pleased to have our freinds bring the kids up to see baby last night. They love her so much and are so interested in sister. Our friend Rebecca took the kids home and here is her email on how they did...

"They were so darling last night. Ellie fell asleep in the car, but woke up when Chris carried her in. It was 11:00 by that time, so I got them dressed and told them a story about a baby named Mia and they were all questions about her. It was sweet. Jensen said, 'My mommy told me that Mia’s heart is broken.'"

"Then Jensen said, 'I need my picture of my baby sister while I sleep!' So he went and got it out of the safe place in the suitcase where he put it and kissed it! So darling. "

"We sang a song and I never heard from them again. They were so tired. I borrowed a fan from Leah to make some white noise for them, but they woke up at 7:30. Jensen keeps rattling off where they’ve been…grandma’s, Jaime buddy’s house, Ruby’s house…so cute."

It is good to know that our kids are in good hands. We have had lots of offers for help. In the kids eyes, the are on "bacation."


Jim Hutchings said...

No fair...put them on a plane and send em to California.

The Eggett Family said...

How fun for them, sounds like they are having one big party - I'm sure they are lovin it.

I'm so glad they got to see their little sister and give her a kiss, those pictures are darling!