Jul 22, 2008

A Million Thanks

Thank you EVERYONE! I wanted to write a quick blog thanking everyone in our lives- you all have been so wonderful!!!!

I am overwhelmed with the support and love we have received the past couple months. I am very behind on my thank you notes... so here goes. Maybe when things settle down I can do a better job than posting a blog ;-)

First I want to thank everyone who has watched my kiddo's and who has volunteered to watch the kiddo's. It has been really difficult to be away from them, and I am so happy that they have been with people that love them. I know how much work taking on extra kids can be- so thank you for loving them for me! The kids always give me a full report of how much fun they are having- they don't even miss me!! Also, a huge thanks to my friends who have brought my kids up to see me- I miss them so much.. thank you!

Thanks to all the hardwood installers- tile layers, door hangers, painters, trim people, decorators, and all the other remodeling terms that I don't know- I know how much work you have done- Thank you sooooo much! I can't wait to see the house when I finally get out of this hospital!

A Huge thank you to my mom- this would be a lot more difficult without her. I know I have told many of you how wonderful my mom is- but this experience has confirmed the fact that she is an angel!! Thank you to my girl friends for sending me off with a BBQ and massive "hospital survival" bag (John ate most of my KitKats). Also, Bishop Brian thank you for the emergency treats and 40 lb bag full of reading material ;-) Ok, maybe I should be more general...

I have loved everything that everyone has brought up to me and sent from out of state. My heart is so touched from all the cute things- Mia is already spoiled at only two weeks old. I am thoroughly enjoying the flowers, stuffed animals, cards, baby clothes, necklaces, hair clippies, treats, pictures, picture taking, toys, keepsakes, baby music, decorations, yummy food, drinks, magazines, picnic lunches, and notes to Mia. I am trying to take pictures of everything- in hopes that someday I will scrapbook.... Yeah right!

I am so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life. I have truly felt blessed and it is from all of your support. I have loved listening to your voice mail- sorry I haven't returned a lot of calls. So many emails have brightened my day, and it seems like visitors show up just when I need them!! Also, thank you for the support through the blog- a mommy always loves to hear how darling her baby is ;-) Oh, and thanks for stealing me away to take me out to eat- it is a nice break from the hospital food.

A big thanks to my man for juggling the kids, work, house projects, and being up here as often as he can. All this and he still manages to update the blog. Mia is lucky to have such a great daddy!

Mia is such a sweet heart, and is so lucky to have so many people fighting along side her. Every day she hits a new milestone, and everyday I am told by multiple people of the prayers said in her behalf. Thank you for the prayers! I am very aware of the blessings that have come from all of your prayers... Thank you!

So thanks everyone- I know this blog doesn't cover it all, but I thought I needed to at least let you all know how appreciative I am!


anniewalkfam said...

you are too sweet! we all love you and wouldn't be the same without you in our lives! thanks for letting us be a part of Mia's life. She is a special baby!

The Eggett Family said...

ilove the baby

The Eggett Family said...

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