Aug 22, 2008


Aunt Natalie has come to town to help our family for the next few months. She is a nurse and will work at ST. Francis Hospital, helping us when she is off of work. She has been a pillar for us to lean on in many ways. Max, a Maltese, is her 2 year old dog. The kids LOVE little Max, and since we aren't getting our own dog ever, it has been awesome to have hers around to love and play with. Let me say again that they LOVE this dog. If you didn't look closely, you might mistake her dog for a neck warmer permanently attached to Jensen's body. Thanks Max for being a welcome distraction.

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The Eggett Family said...

That is SO STINKIN CUTE! Your kids seem like such funny little characters, that are always up to something. It also seems like they play so cute and sweet together!

John you are doing a great job at juggling life right now, taking care of kids, and trying to make life as normal as possible for them and then so much more that I'm sure I have no idea about. And on top of it all keeping your blog up to date for all of us that just can't stay away!!! Thank You