Aug 28, 2008

Small update

This morning Mimi and I did another interview, this time with KOMO 4. It went well and I told the interviewer to only use clips of Mimi, and to black out my face like when they do those interviews where the witness does not want to be identified. But she was really nice and did a good job. It airs tonight at 5:00 I beleive. Mia is doing ok these days. The last two days she has been extremely fussy and Mimi has gotten little or no sleep each night since Mia likes to have her binky replaced or to be held. I am up here so that Mimi can take a nap. I am seeing first hand how Mimi has had to stand by her bed pretty much non-stop. So, we continue to lean on family and friends to help us make it by. We have been so blessed with willing helpers. Our children have been to many friends, cousins and grandmas houses. They even had a spontaneous invite to the zoo! More later


The Eggett Family said...

Poor little Mia - I'm sure it just breaks your heart to see her being fussy, and wonder what she's feeling. It's just not fair for a little baby to be so helpless, I'm sure she's wondering what the heck is going on too!! I hope her new heart comes SOON!!! Hang in there - Mimi you are a trooper, just keep lovin that little baby to pieces, they grow up so fast. One day you will look back and just treasure this one on one time with sweet Mia. Try to get some sleep :) Love ya :)

Brittany Osborn said...

Wish I was closer. I wanna help more!