Aug 30, 2008

Socks and sandals

Today I wore socks with my sandals. Sure it may be a fashion faux pas, but at the end of a long day at the hospital my feet are smelling very nice.

Below is a funny commercial that fits well with the culture of the great northwest.


Brittany Osborn said...


Brittany Osborn said...

he he

Katie said...

Hi McDonald Family,
I found your blog through Grace Anderson's (Utah heart transplant baby)...Mia was listed as one of her heart friends (our daughter is on that list too). Anyway, our baby is a cardiac patient of Seattle Children's as well, we live in Eastern Washington. I was at the ICU reception desk Thursday afternoon with a delivery and saw you and your husband. My heart went out to you as my husband and I have been there for 2 open heart surgeries in our short 5 months with our daughter. So when I saw your blog, I was shocked to see that you were the couple I saw that afternoon! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we'll be praying for Mia...she's so precious. God has brought so many wonderful people into our lives and I would love to be "heart mom" support to you. These babies surely hold a special place in my heart! You can check out our blog at

Take care & know that we'll keep you in our constant prayers!

Katie Allred
(mom to Maddie, HRHS)
Royal City, WA

Rachel said... didn't. I'm not sure we can be friends anymore :)

The Eggett Family said...

How could you? :) That is such a fashion no no!!!

I understand, Sometimes practicality is so much more important than fashion!

Susie and Trent said...

Hi McDonalds-
I too found your blog through another fellow 'heart mom'- Katie, who commented here above. Our baby is also a cardiac patient of Seattle Children's and was diagnosed with 'Critical Aortic Stenosis' 12 hours after birth. We are headed your way next week for Teagan's 2nd open heart scheduled for Sept. 9th there at Children's. Anyway, it would be so fun to chat with another family who's baby has some of the same heart issues.

Our blog for Teagan is: http://babygirlmaxwell.blogspot.comor email at

We'll be praying for sweet Mia- she is adorable! and also praying for your family that God gives you all the strength to endure!

love, Susie Maxwell & Baby Teagan

Family Scads said...

That commercial just made my day! My dad still wears socks with his sandals and the best part is that he wears his Sunday socks (you know, the black socks with the gold toes) with his sandals. We have tried to help him, but he does not understand what is wrong with it. I sure he would get along great with you!

Mindy said...

John that is so funny! We went on a walk last night and because we went to church Doug had his black socks on and just decided to put on his sandals:)He did have pants on but I totally thought of you as we were walking. It's a great look I'd have to say!