Aug 25, 2008

Sweating bullets

Ellie and Jensen love to talk to new friends everywhere we go. Here are a couple of the more awkward encounters

Jensen: "She is really big" to innocent hallway co occupant.
Jensen: "That girl is really short" as we passed by a Dwarf in the hallway.
Jensen: "I saw in your mouth and can see that you are missing a lot of teeth." To random guy in elevator.

There are others that just don't sound right to repeat. The good thing is that people don't take offense when it is a kid. I just say things like, "ya buddy" and try to keep moving.

Then today when we were heading to check out of our hotel in Seattle Jensen ran into the elevator ahead of us with the door shutting right behind him. I dove to hit the button but was too late as I heard Jensen's frantic crying getting quieter as he headed down. I grabbed the phone and notified the front desk and it began to set in that he could get off on literally any of the 50+ floors and could be quite the task to find him, especially with 6 elevators that were not individually marked to get the search party looking in the right place. Luckily a couple was getting on an elevator right when the drama went down and found him in the lobby crying. The poor kid. They showed up back on our floor with my boy. I must have thanked her 20 times and she was really sweet. That was about all I could handle on top of our Mia heartaches. Then I left Mimi's suitcase in the lobby since i was so frazzled. It was recovered and all is well.


Brittany Osborn said...

I had an elevator experience just like that with my three-year-old nephew. My nephew also has aspergers syndrome and severe ADHD and can disappear in seconds. He got off the elevator at the bottom and took off across the campus. Luckily there were only four floors for him to choose - not fifty. I finally chased him down (while holding his nine month old chubby sister). It was very scary.

The Eggett Family said...

There is no worse feeling than losing your child in a big place. Thank goodness for helpful, honest, good people. That would have been scary!!

I love Jensens honesty, all his cute little comments to people make perfect sense, why would you be embarrassed Dad :)

anniewalkfam said...

oh, you poor guy! at least he didn't get far. his lil' comments are so cute. i'm sorry your guys' weekend didn't turn out quite like you planned.