Sep 15, 2008

2 Suzies a Teagan and a Maddie Blanket

Well, I am better today. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I decided I needed a happy post to grace the top of my blog. I have quite a bit I need to blog about, but feel like I need to be in the right mood to do so.

My sister Suzie was in town this week. She came all the way from Samoa to meet little Mia. Well, actually she came to America for my little sisters wedding that is this Saturday. We were just a little added bonus to her travels. She was able to meet and hold Mia- intubated and all. I miss my sisters, all of them! I am really excited that we will all be reunited at the wedding. All of the transplant Cardiologist tell me that she will get her heart while I am gone. I wasn't planning on going, but I need a break. I think if I didn't go I would regret missing my baby sisters wedding. John will be here with Mia, and they can do some bonding. Besides, Ellie is the flower girl, and she will need some coaching. OK, now that I have listed all of my reasons why I am leaving my newborn... aaahhhh! sorry, small self therapy session!

Meet the Maxwells. Teagan is a sweet little baby who just had her second surgery in a series of three. Her mom and dad are great. When I first happened across her blog it was a post of Teagan laughing that gave me so much hope. Post surgery they were a few doors down. We have spent the last couple days talking hospital talk. There is a lingo that you adapt to as a heart mommy. The word "sats" (oxygen saturations) seems to be the post popular. My life has been nothing but medical terminology- I can throw out acronyms with the best of them. Susie is fabulous...I have loved having her here- it is nice to eat with someone besides crazy bird. I am sure we will keep in touch long after we can escape this place!

Another heart mommy Katie made these wonderful blankets for the babies in the CICU. I read about her blanket project on her blog- and was so impressed with her awareness of the other cardiac babies. She wanted a distraction for the mommies, and always felt better when her daughter had a nice blanket on her bed. I was secretly hoping Mia would get one, but at the time we were on the bridge. Later that week we were moved back into CICU. One of the night nurses brought in a blanket for Mia. When I saw this super cute blanket I asked her in a really excited girly voice, "is that a Maddie blanket?" She was surprised I knew about them and went on to tell me about how great Maddie's mom is. Here is Mia chillin on a Maddie blanket..Thank you Katie!


babydrew said...


We met you briefly, we are Drew's parents. We wanted you to know that we are praying for you and Baby Mia. Be strong and keep your faith.

Love, The Jackson's

Katie said...

You're so welcome Mimi! I'm so glad Mia got one :) She's such a sweetheart and everytime I look at that darling face I smile. What a blessing she is. And yes, Sus is fabulous! I'm so glad we all have each other and someday we're going to get together with all 3 of these little girls for some fun! We can reminisce about those "lovely" hospital days... Have a great day today!

Brittany Osborn said...

The blankets are a neat thing to do! Mia is so pretty. I'm glad you are feeling better and enjoy your sister's wedding.

Rebecca said...

I met one of your "heart friends" last night at the Y during the bake sale. She said you met through another heart person's blog and emailed a few times. I wish i remembered her name...Jessica, maybe? Anyway, I'm sure you remember the one girl that you randomly connected with that lives in the same town as you!

The Eggett Family said...

How exciting that Suzie got to come see Mia - clear from Samoa, I've checked on her blog now and then and it looks like such a fun adventure. I couldn't handle the bugs though.

I'm glad that you are going to your sisters wedding, Mia will be in great hands with her Daddy, and you will be able to spend some quality time with Ellie and Jensen. I think it will do wonders for your spirits.

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. Sometimes it's so therapeutic just to vent and get it all out, and then you can feel better. You need to do that every now and then and don't feel bad about it. Just like the old saying goes "Whem Mamma ain't happy ain't nobody happy" That is so true. I was so sad yesterday after reading your post, and I'm so HAPPY to hear you are feeling a little better. We all feel and ache for for you when your sad. We cry when you cry and smile when your happy. Love you Meems - have a wonderful trip - enjoy yourself!!!