Sep 25, 2008


There have been dozens of friends and family helping us these last months. One awesome help has been dinners. Every week dinners are dropped off at our house, which has proven priceless as I have been trying to be Mr. Mom while maintaining a job. We have been eating better and on time since these meals have come. Thank you to all who have prepared and dropped off meals for me and the kids. Last week some youth from our church made us the dinners, here is Morgan, Noelle and Julia.


The Eggett Family said...

Thank Heavens for good neighbors, friends and ward members. It eases my mind to know you are being well taken care of. I'm sure they are all happy to be able to do something!

Rebecca said...

Those girls love you so. That's so sweet.

{ Noelle } said...

That was a fun night making those for you guys. i'll always remember it. I hope everything is going good with baby mia!

Noelle :)