Sep 15, 2008

Little Michelle River

The last day I walked out of the doors of my High School was also the last day I have laid eyes on about 98% of all of my High School friends. There are a few old friends however, that I keep in touch with regularly. This weekend my pal David (Friends since 8th grade) and I took our kids camping. It was a 24 hour trip, but was packed with hiking, berry picking, exploring, river running, fire starting and half a dozen other wonderful things that goes along with camping. When we were packing to go I did an inspection on Jensens preparations. He had packed at least two of everything that I could think of, on top of things I didn't think of such as the wide brimmed "hat, in case it is sunny." I was so stuck on his packing skills that I ended up only packing Ellie a couple pairs of pants and nothing else. This would have been ok had she not dumped an entire Gatoraid on her chest in the first minutes at camp. Good thing Jens had two of all.

Where we stayed is probably my most favorite place on the planet. Just outside of Eatonville there is a river that has a series of waterfalls, (3 of them very large). The entire area is just gorgeous. And, most of the time you have the place all to yourself.

The water is really low right now and the kids had tons of fun exploring since at most places the river is only ankle deep. Here is where there are some natural water slides that David went down involuntarily as he was posing for a pic.

At the bottom of the largest waterfall there are huge caves behind the falls that one can climb into. This was a big hit with the little ones as you can see.

Here is our crew of kiddos.


Brittany Osborn said...

Wow that place is pretty! I'm jealous.

The Eggett Family said...

That places looks gorgeous - You are such a fun Dad, I'm glad your doing some fun things.

Rebecca said...

That does look really breath taking. What fun.

anniewalkfam said...

looks like you had fun. jensen is so responsible! I think i've been that just off the railroad tracks. it's beautiful.