Sep 18, 2008

Our Favorites

Let me introduce some of our fav’s here at EL HOSPITAL. Since we have long moved in, we are well acquainted with the people that work here.

First let’s start with our Favorite Nurses… well let’s be honest we have loved them all except a few ;-) Many of the nurses are my age and we have a lot in common. A couple weeks ago, we were all reading the twilight series and had to talk about it during all their shifts. Candice, Brooke and I got into trouble for “talking at the nurses station” Some nurses are a wee territorial of their espace. Of course I can’t remember back to the NICU days, but there have been some fabulous nurses that have made this experience much more enjoyable. We love Terese, Candice, Brooke, Fiona, Jenn, Ian, Jana, Becky, Kristen, Sara, Maggie, Denise, Michael, Sol,Vanessa and many many more…we have had over 50 nurses- Thank you nurses!

Dr. Boucek (far left) is Mia’s transplant Cardiologist and is a wonderful man. He is always very calm and takes time helping me understand every little thing. Mia’s condition changes from day to day, and he makes sure I am on board with her treatments. He also values my opinion in all of her care, which makes me feel great, yet a little bit uncertain. Last week I went down to meet a mother of a girl who had a transplant and Dr. Boucek was spinning her around in a chair. He is like a grandpa to all.

Dr. Baden (center) is our favorite attending here in the CICU. All of the attendings are great- really they are. Dr. Baden is always friendly and genuinely concerned for his patients. We love Dr. Baden! When we were on the news he came into our room and watched the news with us. Too bad I was crying in the broadcast. They caught me on a rough day. I love the doctors that care about us as a family!

There are also many Cardiac ICU fellows that we have grown to love. This is Jerry (far right)- he actually used to be an attending, but went back to become a cardiac fellow. The fellows are the people in charge when the attendings aren’t around. It has been interesting learning about ICU hierarchy.

Ray- he is the guy who runs the grill. (no pic yet) He is always friendly. My favorite thing about Ray is that he is always singing to himself. He is usually singing an Airsuply song, but I have heard him mix it up with a little REO Speedwagon. We have been on a first name basis for awhile now. My name is “gardenburger on wheat? ” This is how he always greets me.

Mimi- She is our favorite greeter. For obvious reasons! She is super sweet and always asks how I’m doing.

All of the ICU desk ladies- and Jim. We have to wait for them to ask the nurses if we can go back into her room. Some of them have stopped calling back. That is a true sign that we have been here TOO LONG! They are always friendly, and gracious about transferring calls back. I feel bad having my own answering service. If only I could use my cell phone in the ICU. When I leave I will have to do something fancy for them for how much they do for me. Don’t let this detour you from calling- I spend all of my time in here and love phone calls.

Pam, Jason, and Kelly are the transplant coordinators. I don't think there are three nicer people on the planet. Honestly, they are always smiling! I guess if you were the ones coordinating childrens lives being saved it would be difficult not to smile. Someday I would like to have their job- even if it was just for a day.

Hopefully soon I will be doing a post about her TRANSPLANT SURGEON. I know who they are, but I don't know them very well. My heart starts beating fast when I see them because they get the call if there is a heart for Mia. One day, they will come in and tell me that the wait is over.


anniewalkfam said...

you are so sweet! i'm sure all those people love you as much as you love them! we keep praying that call will come soon!

Katie said...

Loved this post. Although the only nurses I was familiar with that cared for Maddie were Jana and Michael. Man, there are a lot of them! Baden's our fav too! He's such a funny guy :) Hope today is going well for Miss Mia. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

Courtney said...

Mimi & John,
I married John's roommate from BYU, Shaune Wallace. Jim H. told me about your daughter, and we wanted you to know that we will keep you all in our prayers. I was just reading some of your posts and can feel the heartache and smell the sterile stench of a hospital for you. Shaune battled cancer 3 years ago, and was diagnosed 6 weeks after bringing our first baby home from the NICU (a place you must be well-acquainted with). We will pray that she gets her new heart soon!! You guys are amazing, and I was so impressed with your strength.
We have a blog, too (it's not a wedding video though :)--

The Eggett Family said...


Look at all those fun friends that you are making, It awesome that you are so friendly and talk to everyone and get to know them. I'm sure it's the only way to survive so many long days in the hospital. I'm pretty sure all those people love you, Mia and your little family to pieces too.
Who doesn't!!!

Love ya - Shelley

The Smith's said...

Without exception, we loved everyone of our CICU nurses and docs. I didn't recognize any of the nurses names from when we were there last summer, but we definitely remember Baden! I just loved how approachable all the docs were, even the surgeons. I remember one or two times we approached Dr. Cohen with a question and we never felt like we were a bother. I think that might be pretty rare in the cardiology world.

Anyway, praying God continues to renew your strength!

I met your friend Rebekah at the Y this Monday, who was heading up the bake sale. What a neat gal!

Love, the Smith's

babydrew said...

I pray that the lord keeps you strong you are in a really tough spot. I look at you and it gives me strenth to get through our days here.I pray that baby mia will stay strong until she gets her heart. Give her a big kiss from me, she is so precious.
LOL Stacey

Rebecca said...

What an awesome post. I can't wait for that surgeon to walk into Mia's room with that long awaited news. How about Tuesday...

Shila said...

Hey that was so cool hearing about all the nurses and doctors and all! They sound amazing and like people that you will always have a place for in your heart. What amazing angels that surround you and Mia there.

Yergensen Family said...

Sounds like you have lovely people around you! I am sure it makes it easier! Keep up the good blogging!

mbishopp said...

The days must seem to be so long at the hospital. It is wonderful to know you have awesome nurses and genuine doctors to keep you company.
We'll continue to keep you and mia and ther rest of the family in our prayers.

Southern Belle said...

We are praying for your family. I have enjoyed the updates. Tell your family hi for me. It was neat to see pictures of your sisters that have visited. It is great to have family that will help out.

Brenda said...


You don't know me (I'm in the Sunrise Ward...well, I was. I'm moving to Idaho in two days...) Anyhow, you've subbed my daughter's ballet class at the Y so we know who you are. I just found out about your little Mia and just wanted to let you know that I'll be praying for her! You seem so strong through this experience. You're strength is such an inspiration to me. I look forward to reading more updates about your sweet baby. :)

Brenda Andrews