Sep 6, 2008

Paintball Party

Here is Jensen. Our big boy. This year he wanted a Paintball Party. He and Sis have grown attached to Daddy's paintball guns and love to shoot the fence in the back yard. Mimi likes to go all out for birthday parties, but she had to tone it down a little this year. She and Jensen planned it out and as usual we had lots of help. Thank you to Jaimie buddy for that awesome cake and to the girls for filling balloons. Aunt Natalie used her Paper machet skills to fashion a paintball pinata. (I have heard tell that she can also weave baskets under water).

There must have been a couple dozen kids in the back yard which made it a miracle that no one got hurt with all the running around. After trying to brake them on this target we ended up having a free for all with all the kids throwing the paint against the house where it actually did brake. There were a couple people that really got doused with paint, one being Rob Critchfield in a very nice and crisp white button up shirt. The kids loved it.
Attaboy Jensen.

The cake


Sheri said...

The paint all came out :-). Thanks for inviting the whole fam to come. It was a lot of fun. As Tyler pointed out, it was like a family reunion and ward party all in one.

Carrie Hellewell said...

I can't believe how old Jensen is! That party looked dope. How was the adult paint ball game? Hope your having fun with all the boys. Happy Birthday Jens!!

The Eggett Family said...

Wow What a Birthday Party!! I've never heard of a paintball birthday party - very ingenious.

Happy Birthday Jensen - you are such a cute little boy and so sweet too, from what I hear.