Sep 7, 2008

Weekend in Seattle

We were able to spend a great weekend with mommy a few weeks ago. John Curley, the host from Evening magazine, arranged for us to have free lodging in a very nice hotel in downtown Seattle. Our room service was even paid for!! Mimi became acquainted with John Curley a year ago when she was spearheading a fundraiser for a friend that was fighting cancer. John Curley donated his time free of charge for this cause and I know many have been humbled by his willingness to serve without asking for personal gain. When we knew Mimi would be in Seattle for a long time our friend Rebecca let him know about our inability to have family time. He hooked us up. Thanks John.

The first night we visited baby sis, and then just spent the evening in the hotel. Our children absolutely love the high life and would have been ecstatic just to have spent the entire weekend locked up playing hotel. We went to the zoo the next morning and the first thing the kids said when we walked in was, "Can we just go back to the hotel!?" "Can we get room service?" They are in love with room service. So funny. At noon we went to visit Mia and arrived to a scene of nurses holding gauze over a bleeding wound due to a central line falling out. She had to have another surgery to correct this and so it was the kids and I at the hotel for the remainder of the weekend. We had a great time considering the added drama. We all miss Mimi and are grateful for the time we are able to have together.


The Eggett Family said...

Your kids are going to think room service is just a normal thing - I don't think I've ever ordered room service in my life!! Lucky Kids!

I'm glad you got to spend some time together, sorry to hear it ended with a little drama.

Boonie said...

I see from the photos that John Curley was considerate enough to get a bucket of beers for you along with your room service. Four, one for each of you. How sweet.