Oct 22, 2008

Some Random Tidbits

I got to come up to be with Mia tonight since she is coming out of another surgery to put in a new central line. She is sleeping soundly and looks really good and comfy. Her poor little cheeks have some sores on them from all the taping and retaping for the intubation tubes, but the nurses seem to be taking extra care of the cheeks now. Here are some random thoughts:

How NOT to make a concrete counter top. I had to learn a few things the hard way. I guess I will wait a bit longer to lift the big one!

Nana, the kids and myself had tons of fun making countertops. Jensen made this picture of our trip to pick up a trailer with a concrete mixer on it. He draws all kinds of things and the details are impressive and often hilarious. Whenever I come across a new one I have him explain the details. He said that this is the truck and trailer. He said that you can see Nana in the background acting really scared since Jensen is riding in the truck bed. I like that he made a trailer hitch with three different ball sizes like the one I used while hauling the trailer. Most of Jensens pictures have been rockets (with Jensen jumping out with a parachute on) and automobiles, mostly trucks and particularly "Mater" the tow truck.

Here we are making Carmel Apples. (Thanks Tammy & Chris). Before we got to make them the kids and I made a big list of items to clean before we could make and eat them. We cleaned for at least an hour straight. I am always amazed at what good workers these kids are. I have previously commented on Jensens religious mail fetching, but he has many other skills. Like for example the fact that he takes the trash out non-stop. I am constantly wheeling the garbage can back to the house since he loves to bring it to the street, any day of the week is fine. The best is that he empties the trash can in the kitchen and takes it out to the big can. AWE-SOME. Jensen and Ellie pick out their own clothes and get themselves dressed. Ellie likes to be a princess and likes Jensen to gather hers, but recently she does it. They have been bathing themselves for years, and they can even hang their own clothes. I have found them unloading the dishwasher, but this can be less than advantageous when dishes are found (or not found) in odd places. If I could now teach them a valuable trade, I could retire.

At any moment during any given day Jensen or Ellie may pounce on my back and commence "elbows." The kids know that I LOVE and need back rubs, and they know that to be effective they must walk on me or use elbows. I figure if I train them now...

The other day I was trying to get some love from Ellie:
Me: Do you love daddy?
Ellie: ya
Me: How much do you love me?
Ellie: I'll tell you "tomowow"
(me and Nana laughing)
Ellie: You funny dad.

And this morning Jensen says to me: "Dad, you broke the volcano and the counter top. Why do you always break stuff?"

Since Mimi has been gone, I have enjoyed the kids snuggles in my bed. I am a snuggler through and through. I have a hard time going to be alone, so it came to a point where I would scoop up a sleeping child and plop him/her next to me for sleepy time. The kids caught on. It seemed like they began to migrate to our room at around 1 or 2 am. One morning about 2 weeks ago Mimi had come home for a day or two. I woke up with Jensen and Ellie draped across me this way and that, and just smiled to myself. I looked over to Mimi, and she was not smiling. She wasn't enjoying Ellie's feet in her face. Mimi doesn't want the kids to learn any bad "habits" while she is gone. She has always appreciated her good sleepers and claims this is sabotage. I said it wouldn't be that difficult to reverse. The next night I sat the kids down and told them there was a new house rule. Everybody sleeps in their own bed. I had a 3 minute conversation, they listened intently, and we dispersed without a further word. At bedtime I reminded them of the new "rule." They haven't come into our room to sleep since. What great kids.

Oh, last one. Some friends had us over for FHE the other night. We made prayer rocks. Each night Jensen puts his head down on his pillow, eventually he sees his prayer rock on he headboard. He then puts it on his pillow and pretends to bump it with his head, thus remembering to say his prayers. Thought that was really cute. He really listens to details.


The Coatney's said...

could you please send your kids to live with me? i despise taking the trash down to the curb, my driveway is soooo long. i'm tempted to make brian try to figure out how to push his own wheelchair while taking the garbages out but if jensen lived here than i wouldn't need to. love you guys, and miss you. can't wait until next year when our lives are normal again!

Brittany Osborn said...

This is a sweet post. They really do seem like amazing kids. I totally understand Mimi on the kids in bed thing. Our oldest slept with us for one year and still has bad sleep habits now. We never let him sleep with us except for camping because I'm scared to death to create bad habits.