Nov 28, 2008

How did that happen?

Today is Mr. Man's birthday- Mr. Man senior. I would have loved to post some embarrassing pictures of him, but as luck has it- my hard drive is completely wiped out. No, no- not all of my photos are gone- that would be disastrous by epic proportions. The pictures of his handsome dimpled face are resting soundly on an external HD at home. You lucked out daddy!

This post is to celebrate what a "stellar" (picked that up from all of the nurses) man he is!

John and I met when I was 18.... a million years ago. We have had almost a decade of hanging out together- and have pretty much worked out the kinks, except for the fact that we STILL negotiate the temperature in the car ;-)

A few thoughts for today- I better hurry before SBM decides to wake up.

Happy birthday to the man who always makes me laugh. Even in completely inappropriate circumstances he is witty. I owe all of my belly laughs to him.

Happy birthday to the man who carried a recliner to the hospital so I would be more comfortable. He is always doing the sweetest things for me.

Happy birthday to the man who is always the last ready for church, despite my countdown. He thinks he is superman when it comes to getting ready.

Happy birthday to the man who makes breakfast for his family every Sunday morning... maybe that is why he is always late! Na... church is at 1:30.

Happy birthday to the man who sings to his kids every night- and will occasionally sing to me when I need him to.

Happy birthday to the man who initiates the family dance parties when he gets home from work. I really miss those dance parties.

Happy birthday to the man that can do anything according to his son!

We love you daddy- Happy Birthday!!!


John Boy said...

John, You are such a stud. You blow my mind and rock my world all at the same time. Keep it real.

Shila said...

John you are so funny! It was fun seeing you and the kiddos today, even under the funeral circumstances. Happy Birthday!

Shane said...

Im rollin from laughing ! John Boy ....... Happy Birthday.

Chris & Tammy said...

Happy Birthday John!!!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday John! I love you man. You are always making me laugh. You are amazing. Mimi is one lucky girl.

The Eggett Family said...

Happy Birthday John!! Thanks for taking good care of Meems and your kiddos. You sound like a funny guy!! I wish we knew you better and lived closer. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Brimaca said...

Happy b-day. I can't believe you make breakfast every Sunday! I'll have to show my hubby that. :)