Nov 13, 2008

Sharing the Love

A huge thanks to everyone who is loving our SBM (Sweet baby Mia) yep, I just gave my daughter a code name.

I know John and I both sound like broken records talking about how much love and support we have felt from all of you!! As much as I have suffered these past months- I have been living on my own "everyone I know is wonderful" planet. I can't remember having an interaction with anyone who wasn't super compassionate, loving, and eager to hear about SBM.

Just today there were quite a few people I was made aware of that are "Sharing the Love"

My friend sent me an email that made me cry. She went around to many of the staff at the YMCA where I taught dance, and had them hold a pic of SMB with a big thumbs up. What a cute idea! I can just imagine her running from person to person insisting they be as excited as she was. This is what I love most about her- full of energy. This is Lauri (on right)- thanks girl for hustling around the Y to share the love.

Someone I have never met decided to do a bike-a-thon for SBM. My friend emailed me about how the story was on the cover of BYU Daily Universe... thanks for Sharing the love!

Another package came to the ICU today from Sara Lyn Baril. She sent me one of her CD's- which I love- and her sweet son colored a picture for Mia. I love the cute art work we have received. I am so touched by everyone's children who have been so concerned for SMB. Many of you have told me how your children pray daily for her. I think those prayers count the most!! Thank you.

There truly has been an out pouring of love from so many people. All the cards, packages, voice mails, giveaways, comments- EVERYTHING has been so wonderful! I think this experience would have been entirely different without all of you! THANK YOU!

*I love the pic with the tiny hands holding the hearts. Noah's mommy made it- he has an angel heart too.


Princess Pookie said...

Isn't Lauri the best in the world?! However, as amazing as she is...she couldn't parallel park if her life depended on it!:D

Rebecca said...

Lauri is so darling. She's got lots of Mimi and Mia love, and I love it! Great post, Mimi. I want to read that article about the bike-a-thon!

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Cute new code name :) Hope Mia and Mama Mimi are doing well tonight! Amazing how many people are doing everything they can to help. Mia has made such an impact on so many peoples lives!

Keeping all of you in my prayers! Hoping for a great weekend.

The Simmons Family said...

YEAH FOR EXUBATION!!! I am so thrilled for your whole family. And you're right... that sweet faint cry that they have after the vent is removed is one to remember forever. Prayers keep on coming from AZ!!!


Lauri said...

My little project on getting pictures to send you the love was nothing compared to what you guys have been through. I was happy to do it and wish I could do so much more! Mia has touched my heart since she kicked me so hard when she was in your belly. I still swear she heard me and was "talking" to me. Her and I go way back! Love ya Meems, anything for you.