Nov 30, 2008

Soggy Computer

This morning I wake up the the words, "Daddy, your computer is all wet." I open my eyes and Ellie is standing there by my bed soaking wet. I began to tell her to just go change and then I shot out of bed with the image of a smoking laptop computer in my head. As I rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs I first noticed "Lake EllieJensen" on our new hardwoods. Apparently the kids did the dishes early this morning and then commenced in some sort of water fight with the sprayer. The computer screen was closed, so it seems that all the water was able to drain off without harm. The computer was on the Dining room table 20+ feet away from the kitchen. You get an idea of the quantity of water we're talking about here. After about 40 minutes of cleanup and a full laundry load of towels, I thought I was done. Jensen had come down from his room and I heard him say, "but dad, how are you going to get the water off the ceiling?" At this point I finally could smile (secretly) about the mess. There was water dripping from the ceiling all over the kitchen. You must admit that they are thorough.

It s now 1:00 and the kids keep asking if I am still "disappointed" or mad


Anonymous said...

if my computer got wet i would be so mad!! and if the kitchen and the flloor was all wet that wouldmean that i wouldhave to clean it and how did you get the wettness off the ceiling?

The Eggett Family said...

Oh my Goodness!!! I want to know how you handled it John? I'm sure much better than I would have. Hey atleast they had fun right? I'm glad everything was salvaged.

Rebecca said...

I love that you were in bed while your kids were up to no good downstairs. I do the same thing, but so far, no indoor tsunamis. Maybe I should re-think that.

Jennifer said...

What a nightmare, and ever so hilarious! It's always better when it's somebody else's kids being naughty, and so much easier to laugh at. They were doing the dishes though, so you gotta give them that. They're just well-meaning and adventurous. I say that knowing full well that I would have gone nuts if it were my kids. Good job John, you're a good example to us all!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh wow! i'm sure that was fun to clean. at least you were able to smile!